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Interpersonal Skills
Novice Level
This is a copy of the grading sheets from one of my practical exams.  This shows evidence of some of my interpersonal skills.  I maintain appropriate eye contact, I speak at the level of the listener, and I respect an individual's personal space.  These are not qualities that I have always had.  I knew they were important before entering PT school, but I never realized how important.  I really had to work at attaining these skills, and every day I am perfecting them.  
Grading sheet of first practical exam

Patient confidentiality is very important to me.  Whenever I hear someone talking about a patient outside of the patient setting, it upsets me.  This is something that I feel very strongly about.  I even will go as far as using initials on an assignment so that the patients name does not get out.  This could be seen from this reflective practitioner and this portion of my generic abilities.
A portion of my first Reflective Practitioner and Generic Abilities

Apprentice Level
One of our facilitators told us to be careful not to become too attached to our patients.  After this, I thought that I wold really have to practice not becoming attached.  I knew this was a problem of mine.  I was already becoming attached with patients that  I saw in clinic.
Journal entry (4/10/00)

Proficient Level
I finally learned that it is ok to become attached you your patients as long as you are emotionally detached.  This was a very important lesson for me to learn.  It will affect my interactions with my patients.  If I wasn't "attached" I wouldn't have a good relationship with my patients.  I need for my patients to trust me, and if I was unattached, they may not trust me.
Journal entry (9/18/00)

Distinguished Level
This letter that Ms. Blackinton wrote me in regard to the career day that I helped her with shows that I am at a distinguished level of interpersonal skills.  I am able to work effectively in interesting and challenging situations.  For example, at the career day we were supposed to be in one of the classrooms.  At the last minute, they moved us to the gym.  Therefore, we had to move ALL of our stuff and get ready for people to see us in the gym.
A letter from Ms. Blackinton in regard to a career day that she allowed me to help her plan