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Roles in Student Organizations
Novice Level
This is an example of a sign that I made for the bake sale last year and a picture of me working the table.  After helping out, I was asked by the fundraising chairperson to be on her fundraising committee.
Our classes first bake sale
By working the concession stands at Pro-Player, our class had the opportunity to raise a lot of money.  Since I was now on the fundraising committee, I not only had to attend this meeting, but I had to pay attention. :-)
Thank you e-mail sent to us for going to the Pro-Player orientation

Apprentice Level
At the beginning of my second year of school, I found out that the fundraising chairperson wanted to step down from her position.  That meant the position was now open.  By running for this position, it shows that I wanted to have a more active role in our student government and helping the class.
The e-mail that started it all:  I would like to run for the position of fund-raiser chair

Proficient - Distinguished Level
My role as the fundraising chairperson has allowed me to practice my leadership skills.  I have been able to get other students involved in the fundraising process, and resolve conflicts that may have come up.

Journal entry (11-13-00)

As fundraising chairperson, I was able to practice my leadership skills.  These skills were not new to me; I had leadership roles in undergrad.  They may not have been new, but they were just as important.  I was in charge of fundraising.  I could have tried to do it all myself, but I used my leadership skills to  get the rest of the class involved.  We had many activities planned: working concession stands at Pro-Player, bake sales, lunch sales, an auction, etc.  These are just a few examples of e-mails that  I received to support my fundraising abilities.
E-mails from faculty & students regarding my job as fundraising chairperson
I was pleased with the support that I got with my fundraising position.  It was very important to me to let the class know how much I appreciated their help.  These thank you notes demonstrate my professionalism.  It is very important that you let people know how much they are appreciated.
E-mails that I sent out to class/faculty to thank them for their help & support
One important leadership trait is the ability to delegate.  I realized that I couldn't do everything on my own - as much as I would have liked to think that I could.  I am currently working on a scrapbook for our class.  I sent an e-mail out to the class searching for a committee to help me.  I suggested one person from each group (that way it would be guaranteed that each group was portrayed in the scrapbook.)  It worked out really well.
E-mail that I sent out asking to get a committee together to help me on a project
One of the toughest responsibilities that goes along with a position such as this is conflict resolution.  It was tough to get the whole class involved in fundraising; it seemed like the same people kept helping.  In order to solve this, I came up with an idea to make fundraising hours mandatory.  Everyone had to "work" 7 miscellaneous fundraising hours, or they would need to pay for the unworked hours.  Some people weren't happy about this.  This is an example of an e-mail that I received and my reply e-mail.
An e-mail that was sent to me & my reply