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Professional Image
Novice Level
While at school, we could wear professional dress clothes or scrubs.  I always choose to wear the professional dress rather than scrubs. It demonstrates a professional image.  
Pictures of me in "school clothes"

Apprentice Level
Dress code is not the only way to show professionalism. I try to demonstrate a professional image to everyone I meet.  This includes being polite to everyone that I meet.  This e-mail demonstrates professionalism because I handled myself in a professional manner.
E-mail sent to HPD staff member

Proficient Level
I have learned that it is also important to demonstrate a professional image outside of NSU.  This could be demonstrated by the dress code that we abide by while at our Tier I clinical sites.  While at Plantation and HAC, there were individuals that didn't have to follow a professional dress code.  I believe that the image of the profession is demonstrated by how we handle ourselves.  While at BCC, we were required to wear scrubs.  I wore scrubs just because we were told that we had to; I would have rather worn professional dress to uphold that image.
Pictures of me in various clinical settings

Distinguished Level
For our last day at HAC, I took it upon myself to get a thank you card and a pie for the staff that opened their doors to us and allowed us to come in there and gain clinical experience.  This demonstrates professionalism on my part.  I try to project a professional image at all times.
E-mail from Mr. Pfister regarding a thank you gift that I brought to our clinical site
These are just some more examples of the professional image that I portray.  The first picture is shows me at a career fair.  I was representing our school, so it was a necessity that I projected a professional image.  Another time that I was representing the school was at the mall during PT month.  We were letting people know about the NSU PT program and the practice of PT in general.  When you are introducing people to the physical therapy, it is important that you demonstrate a professional image.
Pictures of me at different school related activities
This is a situation where I am interacting with other PT's and PT students.  It is important to demonstrate a professional image not only because you are representing your school, but you are representing yourself.  While at the FPTA conference in St. Pete, the dress code was "resort casual."  While I could have "dressed down" a bit, I still found it important to dress professionally
Pictures of me at FPTA conferences