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Apprentice Level
It's a standing joke in our group that I am a walking, talking library.  I have all of the "required" books, most of the "recommended" books, and many books that weren't even on the book list.  I feel as though it is an investment in my future.  It never hurts to have resources at your finger tips.  You could even see how my bookcase has grown over the past 2 years.
The "growth" of my resources from 1999 to 2001

Proficient Level
I am always looking for an excuse to show my creative side.  If I don't have something (a resource) available to me, I will go out and find it.  If I can't find one, I'll make one.  This is a picture of a sign that I made for a health fair.  Ms. Blackinton sent me a very nice letter stating how it shows my ability to "create" resources.
HR & BP sign I made for Cooper City Health Fair & the letter that I received from Ms. Blackinton regarding the HR & BP sign that I made

Distinguished Level
Last summer Ms. Blackinton asked me if I could review a book for her that they were considering putting on the PT1 book list.  I was happy to do this for her.  After evaluating the book, I determined that it would be a relevant resource for new PT1's.  It looked at everything through a movement science perspective, which is important for PT students.  
Feedback given to Ms. Blackinton on a book that I reviewed for her
I am always using resources, but during our last case I had the opportunity to be a resource for someone else.  I put together a resource manual for people with neuromuscular diseases.  The manual includes national and local chapters for support organizations, local suppliers for assistive/adaptive devices, and average prices.  I had the opportunity to visit the major supplier in my area.  I was able to "network" and build some ties to the community.  This will come in handy when I start to see my own patients.
Resource Manual for patients in the Palm Beach County area