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Time Management, Expectations & Priorities


Apprentice Level
While at Plantation, I always used my time appropriately.  If I wasn't seeing a patient, I would either read charts or do documentation so that I wasn't wasting time.
Part of my generic abilities from my first clinical experience (Plantation Rehabilitation and Nursing Home)

Proficient Level
As I received more clinical experience, I not only used my free time appropriately, but I was able to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.  When working with the children at BCC, you need to be able to do many things at once (ie: treatment, keeping the kids entertained, making sure they are safe, etc.)  It took a lot of practice to be able to do this all at once.  However there are times when it is impossible to have 15 hands.  At times like this I found that I needed to delegate to classmates to help if it was best for the patient.
Part of my generic abilities from my third clinical experience (BCC)
As fundraising chairperson, I found that it is impossible to do everything by myself.  One project that I am currently working on is putting together a scrapbook.  I found it easiest to get a committee together consisting of 1-2 people from each group.  I have delegated specific tasks for these committee members to complete.
Fund-raising letter to class


Apprentice Level
When we met as a large group to prepare for the Cooper City Health Fair, Ms. Blackinton asked for volunteers to make signs for each of the stations.  It was like pulling teeth for people to volunteer.  I accepted the challenge because I always enjoy an opportunity to show my creative side.  Actually, the sign that I made for the health fair went beyond the minimal expectations of Ms. Blackinton as it shows in the letter that she wrote me.
HR & BP sign I made for Cooper City Health Fair & the letter that I received from Ms. Blackinton regarding the HR & BP sign that I made

Proficient Level

As soon as Ms. Blackinton posted on the PT bulletin board that she needed volunteers, I was one of the first to offer my service.  I spoke with the rest of my group so that a) I could make sure that we didn't plan facilitation that morning and b) see if I could recruit more help.  Not many people were signing up for the health fair.  Ms. Blackinton kept the heart rate sign (above) that I made last year for the Cooper City health fair.  I knew that there would be other stations at this fair so I took it upon myself to make signs for those stations.  I was really looking forward to being able to practice my skills on "real people."  Then, after planning on doing this event for weeks, we were told that the PT2's had an inquiry seminar that morning.  No PT2's would be able to help.  I was pretty upset, not only because I was looking forward to this event, but because nobody else was signed up to help, and now the 4 PT2's that were on the list couldn't do it.  Luckily the PT1's stepped up to the plate and helped out and the event was a success.
Note that Ms. Blackinton put on the PTBB & a picture of the signs that she was referring to (the HR & BP sign was the one previously made for Cooper City.)


Apprentice Level
I had a dilemma this past summer.  It really shouldn't have been a dilemma, but it became one.  I planned a cruise with a bunch of friends before I realized that it would fall shortly before finals (3 weeks.)  I really thought that I could get all of my studying done  before the trip (and even study some on board.)  As the time got closer, I realized that my studies were #1.  There would always be time for fun after I graduate.  I had "think angelic" and set my priorities.  As a reward, we will be going on vacation this July.  :-)
E-mail from Ms. Blackinton regarding priorities that I set

Proficient Level
I have found that sometimes it is necessary to reorder priorities.  Usually, it is my first priority to study for exams and learn the most that I could possibly learn.  However, when we were starting our data collection, I knew that there were people counting on me other than myself.  There are 4 people in our thesis group.  Once it was time to start our data collection, I wanted to make sure that everything ran smoothly.  Because of this, I had to rethink my priorities.  I had to focus on thesis, and help to organize everything.  I couldn't let my group members down.  I also feel that organization must be a priority.  If you are organized everything else runs smoothly.  Because I had everything planned out ahead of time for our thesis pre-test, the day went smoother than I could have ever anticipated.
E-mail from Sara regarding my organizational skills for thesis