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Novice Level
Our first task as a group was to develop a Mission Statement.  This Mission Statement was our first PBL (Problem Based Learning) project.  We all worked together to come up with the Mission Statement; granted, it took a LONG time for us to agree on one.  This statement explains how we planned to work together as a team to get through PT school.  In our program it is essential that you work with other people and work as a team.  This was difficult for me in the beginning because I was so used to doing everything on my own.  This Mission Statement was my first step.
Bone-ers Mission Statement
Tell me, I'll Forget.
Show me, I may remember.
Involve me, and I'll understand.
This is how I feel about problem based learning.  Getting in there and trying things for yourself is how you're going to remember.  I can recall the many, many lectures that I sat through in undergrad, however, I can't recall the content of them all.  I feel that by being involved as in a PBL program, I'll understand the concept and have it with me for life.
This phrase has been sitting on my computer for the past year and a half
With problem based learning, you do a lot of the learning on your own.  It took me a while to figure out how much I was supposed to learn at once.  We are given case competencies for all cases, but I always had the problem of trying to learn too much.  This is just another example of my transition to PBL
Journal entry (11/8/99)
This e-mail from Wendy shows that I offered my own thoughts and ideas.  This actually took me longer then it should have.  It is at the novice level.  I think it goes back to the working with the group and the trusting issues mentioned before.  I didn't always speak up and say what I believed.  It took me longer than It should have to achieve this trait.  I hope now that I have achieved it, I could take it into any situation that I encounter.  Hopefully it won't take me as long to warm-up to everyone that I meet.
E-mail received from Wendy
During orientation to NSU and PT school, we had to complete evaluations of our learning style.  After finding out my learning style, I had to figure out  how I was going to use that to every advantage during my time in PT school.
Journal entry (8/23/99)
This journal entry explains my transition to problem based learning.  I was always used to doing everything on my own.  I had a difficult time working with a group.  It could have been do to the fact that I was an only child for so long; I got used to figuring things out on my own.  It also could have been due to the fact that I now had a group of 10 people that I had to form bonds with and trust.  Eventually, the bonds were formed and I learned to trust, but it took a while.
Journal entry (9/6/99)
Apprentice Level
I mentioned how I was always eager to learn more.  This is a trait that I had when I started PT school, but it is also a trait that I still have.  I am always excited to learn new things.
This is a section of my generic abilities that were done during my first clinical experience.  
This journal entry shows my love for learning new things.  It also shows how I love the opportunity to learn from many facilitators.  Having our faculty "team teach" allows us to get the different perspectives from different teachers.  Our faculty is a great group of people from many different PT backgrounds.  Having all of their expertise can only supplement our learning.  This is also evidence of my flexibility and adaptability in learning.
Journal entry (10/25/99)
It is one thing for me to be able to say that I demonstrate a positive attitude toward learning, but it is something else when someone else notices it.  I try to have a positive attitude with everything that I do.  The fact that it is noticed by someone else makes me believe that I have succeeded at that.
Sign that I made for Cooper City Health Fair and the letter that I received from Ms. Blackinton in regard to the sign
I am probably one of the few people that doesn't feel that the portfolio is a waste of time.  I mentioned this in a journal entry.  The portfolio gives you an opportunity to self-reflect, and as I see it, self-reflections can't be bad.  I believe that this also shows that I have a positive attitude toward learning and assignments that are  given to us in PT school.  Nobody is setting out to give us busy work.  Everything that we are asked to do is for a reason, and will help us get further in our careers.
Response I received from a journal entry

Proficient Level
This journal entry shows that I assume responsibility for my own learning and that I create options to enhance my own learning.  When we first started PT school, we were placed within a group.  Everything that we do is with our group members.  We do our case work, our professional development projects, and our thesis projects with the same group of people.  I decided that it would be beneficial to my learning to meet with people from other groups to study.  By forming study groups with people from other groups you are able to learn what their facilitators are telling/showing them.  Also, just the fact that it's a different group of people with different perspective is helpful.  I also have a friend that is in the PT program at UM.  I am able to use her insight to help enhance my learning.  If I don't understand something, she is available to help me.  
Journal entry (8/21/00)

Distinguished Level
The following journal entries show that I set learning priorities and I reorganize them when needed.  The past few semesters were extremely busy.  We had our regular casework to do which involved all of our studying.  In addition to studying, we had to concentrate on thesis work.  We started with our data collection.  Data collection was very time consuming.  However, it had to be done and since we did our thesis work in groups, other people were depending on me.  I had to
Journal entry (10/2/00)
(reflection continued . . .)
constantly reorganize my learning priorities.  At times I had to focus on thesis, and at times I had to focus on studying for case exams.  I believe that the fact that I was able to do this made me a stronger person.  This should be a trait that could use forever because I will constantly have to reorganize priorities.
Journal entry (10/16/00)