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Self-evaluation & Goals
Novice Level
Last year we were required to set goals for ourselves for the case that we were working on.  After the case, we were required to self-reflect to see if we achieved those goals.  My first attempts at goal writing was accurate, but it wasn't very objective and measurable.  It is important to remember that if you set a goal that is impossible to be achieved, you aren't going to even try.  Goals need to be high enough to give you something to reach for, but not too high that you don't want to try reaching.
One of my first attempts at self-evaluation and goal writing
This is an example of my generic abilities.  The generic abilities are a way of self-reflecting on our clinical skills.  It is a required assignment.
Generic Abilities from my 1st clinical at Plantation Rehab & Nursing Home

Apprentice Level
After many attempts at goal writing, I learned how to write goals that were objective and measurable.  This was definitely helpful because it helps you to determine whether  you achieved your goals, and if you didn't achieve them how far away you are from achieving them.  This is an important trait to me because I will be writing goals daily for patients, I want to make sure that I am able to write objective and measurable goals for my patients, so all the practice that I'm getting now will help me.
A later attempt at self-evaluation and goal writing
This is an e-mail that I sent to Ms. Blackinton at the beginning of last year.  We had covered some documentation during lab.  I wanted to take it a step  further, and I asked her if she would give me some feedback on my documentation.  I also used that opportunity to give Ms. B some feedback.  
E-mail sent to Ms. Blackinton with her response

Distinguished Level

This journal entry shows that I have a positive vision for my self and my future.  I was lucky enough to have a day that changed my entire life.  After that day, I knew what I wanted to do with my life.
Journal entry (7/3/00) and my response from Dr. J