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Verbal & Nonverbal Communication

Novice Level
Last year we were required to give feedback on the case we were working on.  Our group was one of the few groups that always turned this in and turned it in on-time.  Yes, it was a group assignment, but we all had a part in making sure that it was done.
E-mail from Dr. Janssen in regard to feedback turned in
This portion of my generic abilities states that I recognize the importance of nonverbal communication, but I still need to work on improving my nonverbal communication.
Generic abilities on nonverbal communication

Apprentice Level
Nonverbal communication is very important in working in pediatrics.  Children are amazing in the way that they could read nonverbal communication.  Many times a child's vocabulary isn't at the same level as an adult.  Because of this, they are always looking at the nonverbal communication.
A picture of me working in pediatrics
I'll admit that I am a pretty quiet person.  When school first started I didn't talk much.  However, as facilitations went on, I was able to speak even more.  These e-mails show my improvement in speaking up in facilitation.  
E-mails about my improvement in facilitation

Proficient Level
I try to keep the levels of communication open whenever possible.  One example of this was an e-mail that I sent Ms. Hill in regard to the faculty evaluations that we fill out.  I mentioned that These evaluations may not be the best possible means of giving feedback.  I also used this opportunity to communicate with Ms. Hill in regard to a couple of faculty members inparticular.
E-mail from Ms. Hill regarding feedback

Distinguished Level
While at clinic, I found that I needed to change my communication to meet the needs of different audiences.  At BCC, I found that nonverbal communication was just as important if not more important than verbal communication.
Generic abilities on communication
This letter from Ms. Blackinton shows that I am at a distinguished level of communication skills.  I am able to use technology to enhance communication and to meet the needs of different audiences.  At the career day, I had different information and activities for the different age groups.  I also was able to see if the children were not understanding me, and I was able to change my communication style if I needed to.  It is very important when communicating with others to make sure that they understand you.
A letter from Ms. Blackinton in regard to a career day that she allowed me to help her plan